Szigma-Coop Ltd

Address: 9028 Győr,
Serfőződombi dűlő 3.

Szigma-Coop Ltd

Colleagues of our company work together again with 20 years of experience gained in HVAC engineering.

The years-long routine obtained in implementation, assembling or planning projects, provides great help in meeting our customers’ needs in the fields of assembling heating, cooling, ventilation, sewage, water and gas supply.

Our team members have participated in several projects, even in creating fire-protection systems and technology supply, from technology steam, cooling or composing other medium supply serving production needs based on the individual customer needs.

Current market demands concern special knowledge on a certain field, looking for overall, general management and control of several different specific fields of professions during implementation. Should any of the solutions be the one selected, without the serious engineering background services based on the years-long engineering experiences given at our company, no enterprise can be competitive on the market.

We endeavour to implement rightly popular “green” solutions at low energy consumption and harmful material use possible within the budgets of the individual projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your ideas or inquiry regarding building engineering implementation!

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